The SHAW brand was conceived to service the highest echelon of the South-East Queensland residential property market.
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There are countless stories we could regale clients with on how the correct styling of a property has achieved significantly higher sale prices and interest, even on the same property after it sitting stale on the market for a considerable amount of time. Many companies offer property styling services however either offer it on a budget or exclusively from their own furniture store so there are limitations and an underlying desire to sell from their store.


SHAW Property Styling utilises our keen design skill set to furniture property from all top furniture retailers, predominantly those of the highest echelon boutique retailers and also from across the globe to ensure that each property we stage is executed in the fashion most befitting that space, not a generic staging option. Artwork, books, flowers and more are the elements that add warmth to the fundamental styling. This is something we are very passionate about and believe is an unmatched service of both efficiency, attention to detail and tailoring.