The SHAW brand was conceived to service the highest echelon of the South-East Queensland residential property market.
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The SHAW brand was conceived to service the highest echelon of the South-East Queensland residential property market. At one time SHAW represented an average of a quarter of a billion dollars in high end residential homes. Interacting with and selling the absolute finest homes possible allowed a level of expertise and knowledge in the luxury market that has permeated every element of our business by heightening the expectation we have for every aspect of what we do.


Pairing the interior design business and extensive in-house design services with a long history of exceptional sales results has allowed the Project Sales Division of SHAW to flourish in recent years. 2015 alone saw close to $200 million of brand new property represented. By partnering with developers, architects and project managers we are able to design the most desirable end product with the final users in mind.


This allows us to produce the most attractive and profitable product that is a point of difference in the market as well as a pillar of pride and reputation for all involved. SHAW partners with an extensive network of investors both throughout Australia and internationally. Every year has seen our international and interstate business grow, widening our reach and enhancing our ability to service our clientele.


In 2015 alone we focused on the interior and exterior design specification of over $175,000,000 worth of new development and renovation work. Interior design services offered by SHAW are full service and allow a vital connection between our knowledge of the end buyer we are selling to and what we or our developers are building to sell to them. Individual paint colours, light fittings, textiles, appliances and materials of all facets of a build are accounted for and an in depth knowledge of classic and future trends is offered to clientele alongside exceptionally strong trade relationships with all furniture and material suppliers we interact with in Australia.


Aside from new development design services, we cater for stand alone prestige home design, renovation and fit out of hard and soft furnishings. The all inclusive service extends to the very final touches where we hold and install complete furniture styling packages. These are customised for each residence, large or small, down to candles, book placement and more to ensure every property we represent is unveiled in just the right manner.


Creating the perfect representation of the vision we and our developers have for a new project, luxury residence or branding vision is solely reliant on the mediums in which they are portrayed to their audience. We are proud to offer a full service in-house graphic design service that brings ours and our clients visions to vivid life.


From initial logo creation, brochures, websites, billboards, photography, copy writing and custom presentation materials required to enhance the appeal of any offering, our in-house design team execute with state of the art equipment, industry connections, precision and expertise.